Emmaus Skincare was created as a solution to my own skin problem. I suffer from a condition known as Keratosis Pilaris (KP), more commonly referred to as “chicken skin”. KP produces a goose bump type of appearance on the skin, and can appear anywhere on the body. KP is not life threatening in any way; neither is it contagious, however it is aesthetically displeasing to the eye. I originally set out on a mission to find a natural care regimen to improve my condition, and in the process I discovered a unique combination of ingredients that not only helps with KP, but also with body Acne, ingrown hairs, uneven complexions, scaly skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, and other skin conditions. I am a believer in Emmaus because it has restored my skin, and I now enjoy smooth, supple, and clear skin. Come join me on this incredible journey to revealing your beautiful skin.

Aminah Sagoe - Founder


The name Emmaus (pronounced uh-may-us) has been associated with Resurrection, Rebirth, and Revelation for centuries, and more recently with the innovative science of healing. Watch and feel as your skin experiences a rebirth, with the use of Emmaus skincare products.