Hi beauties! My name is Aminah Sagoe, and I’m the founder of Emmaus Beauty.

I believe in developing skin care products with natural and active ingredients that actually work, and that consumers can trust on their skin.

So, what motivated me to start my own skincare brand? Well, like some of you out there, I struggle with various skin problems, mostly related to sensitivity, inflammation, oily T-zone, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, and the occasional acne breakouts. With countless products available on the market, (many with high price tags) all claiming to work effectively, I found it expensive and tedious sifting through different products trying to find the One, but alas my search fell short.

This is when I set out to start educating myself about the different ingredients used in skincare products – some active and beneficial, while others are straight out harmful. My search led me to the discovery of how each ingredient works on different skin types and concerns along with how to safely incorporate them into formulations to produce effective results and ensure their efficacy.

Long story short, I’ve been successful in creating skincare products with high concentrations of natural and active ingredients that produce effective and lasting results.

So, if you’re looking to make a meaningful change to your skincare regimen, and feed your skin with wholesome ingredients that work well, look no further. Let Emmaus be your companion on your journey to clear, smooth, and glowing skin!