Help! I Can’t Cure My Keratosis Pilaris Flare-Ups. What Can I Do?

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​Product Spotlight: Smiling Beads Body Wash

Love your skin by using natural body care products that are free from harsh chemicals. Our Smiling Beads Body Wash is a clarifying body wash that contains Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Pumice Powder, and Sunflower Seed Wax to promote the exfoliation of dry, dead, and dull skin cells, allowing new, glowing skin to surface. Aloe Vera Juice creates a soothing [...]

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​How to Love Your Skin

The love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is all about love. Make sure this year you practice self-love and learn to love your skin. Forget about tanning, bleaching and heavy makeup. You can learn to love your natural skin tone and complexion. Follow these tips to love your skin and treat it right every day.Stop Tanning & Bleaching Learn [...]

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​Why Bathing is a Healing Art

Whether submerged in a natural hot spring, floating in a high mountain lake, or luxuriating in the warm lapping ocean, water is an essential element for physical and emotional wellbeing. Taking time to bathe in the ancient healing power that water offers can be transformative, and sometimes this simple pleasure is the perfect medicine for whatever ails us. The sensuous [...]

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​Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants beautiful healthy skin. Great skin is about using the right skincare products as well as what you put in your mouth. There's an important connection between what you eat and how you look. It is important to learn which foods help you look your best.A balanced diet is an essential prescription for healthy and youthful, vibrant skin. The good [...]

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​New Years Skin Resolutions

Make this the year for healthy, beautiful and glowing skin with these 10 New Years’ Skin Resolutions1. ALWAYS WASH YOUR SKIN AND MOISTURIZE AT BEDTIMEResearch indicates that the skin repairs itself the most effectively at night, so you want to put your skin in the best possible condition for its repair. For those who are too tired to wash off [...]

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​How to Slow Down and Enjoy the Holiday

Wild, crazy, busy, stressful, overwhelming – there are so many negative words that we use to describe the holiday season! But let’s be real, it’s all for good reason. Here are some practices for keeping things calm and collected during stressful times, which I think are especially helpful when guests are in the house, shopping lists are long, and [...]

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​How Holidays Mess with your Skin

Having to spend time with family members you barely speak to all year, packing only tight jeans, going back for a third piece of pie anyway...there's enough to regret over holiday season without skin freak-outs, too. Things that are delicious have a way of messing with your skin: "Drinking more alcohol or eating more salty or sugary foods can make [...]

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​Thankful for Healthy Skin

It is that time of year when we start to ponder all the things we are thankful for. I wanted to share with you that I am so grateful and thankful to finally have healthily clear skin after years of problems. You see, Emmaus Skincare was created as a solution to my own skin problem. I suffer from a condition [...]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Fall is here. We may enjoy the brisk morning and the leaves changing but it can be harsh on our complexions. Cold weather can cause our skin to become dry and flaky. Don’t worry we are here to help.Tips & Tricks -You can soften these rough flaky patches with a steamy shower. Follow this up with our clarifying Smiling [...]

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