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What's good for your heart is also good for your skin. Studies suggest that those who have a low-fat vegetable-rich diet have fewer sunspots (actinic keratosis) on their skin, compared to those whose diets are high in meat and dairy products. Eating more fruits and vegetables help hydrate your skin and keep you healthy from the inside out. Make you pack a healthy lunch and snacks.


Admit it; you probably abused your skin this summer. Too much time in the sun, harsh chlorine in swimming pools and air pollution? If you answered yes,yes and yes -your skin deserves post-summer restoration. Book a facial to recover the damage to your skin over the summer as well as to kick start hydration for the cold weather season. To help your skin recover for all the summertime fun, start a new routine with Emmaus Beauty Products. Our Smiling Beads Body Wash is a natural way to cleanse and clarify your skin. Follow up with our Softness Bliss Body Lotion to nourish and protect your skin. Our lotion will smooth away any dry flakes that may start with the fall weather change. When you are on the go grab our Touch of Love Mini Towels our towels are thick large and luxurious. They will pick you up after a PE class or any school sports activities by naturally cleaning your skin and refreshing you at the same time.

Prolong Your Summer Tan

Everybody is aware of how bad tanning is for your skin but it unfortunately does not most teens and young adults from laying out. However you earned your tan this summer, whether it is through frying in the sun or slathering on self-tanner, follow these steps to make sure your bronze keeps glowing well into the school year.

1. Moisturize

Keeping your body moisturized will help prolong real tans as well as fake ones. Dry skin cracks, making your color fade much quicker. Lather on a moisturizer after you get out of the shower.

2. Switch to Gradual Self-Tanners

Once fall starts approaching, deep dark tans can start to look fake. Switch to a gradual self-tanner and control the color of your skin. Gradual tanners also tend to look more natural and give you a subtle glow.

3. Bronzer

Brush a little bronzer over your face for instant sun-kissed beauty. When applying bronzer, hit the spots of the face where the sun would normally touch: forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Don’t go overboard or you can easily look dirty.

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