​Skin VS. Sugar

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We all know sugar can have a negative impact on the scale, but what about your skin? When we think about maintaining a beautiful face we think of the basic washing & moisturizing but what we put into our bodies can also alter the appearance of our skin.

-Acne: Consuming sugary products causes a spike in blood sugar which causes your body to produce more insulin. Excess insulin can cause changes that can lead to pore-clogging cells. This increase in insulin can also trigger oil.

-Aging & Wrinkles: Sugars can enter the body and attach to the collagen that is present in our skin. This process is called Glycation. This process causes inflammation in the skin which then breaks down the natural collagen causing our skin to become stiff.

-Dehydration: Consumption of sugar can literally suck the water out of the cells in your body. Dehydration can cause your skin to become dry and inflamed.

The Solution:

These are just a few of the negative impacts sugar can have on your complexion. Although it is nearly impossible to remove all sugar from your diet, you can easily limit your daily intake. Read food labels and avoid items that have added sugar. Just a few extra steps when making food choices and you should be looking young and fresh in no time.

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