Stem Cell Technology


Plant Stem Cells are primary cells from which life is born. Plant stem cells are undifferentiated, and have the capacity of self-renewal, producing identical cells. Thanks to this capability to constantly renew themselves, Plant Stem Cells have the capacity to periodically repair tissue when dead cells stop working, and to regenerate tissue when it is damaged.

Plant Stem Cells are cultured in labs away from pollution and pesticides, to ensure the scientists have more control over the quality and quantity of nutrients the plant produces. This technology also gives them access to purer ingredients because they do not have to worry about toxins or chemicals sneaking in from outside sources.

Plant Stem Cells are a powerhouse in skincare, providing antioxidants and nutrients to replenish the skin, and have proven to be effective in supporting the skin’s cellular turnover.
Emmaus Skincare contains a preciously chosen blend of four active Plant Stem Cells, each selected for its unique and complimentary benefits. These elixirs are infused into Emmaus skincare products to encourage younger looking, and healthier skin.

  • Egyptian Blue Lily / Anti-aging properties
  • Bluebird Hibiscus / Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Red Flower Silk Cotton Tree / Skin protective properties
  • Arabica Leaf / Skin-balancing properties